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Mia Gorman represents a whole other level a *** artistry. Gorman Advisory Group will deliver nothing but empty promises, stress & headaches, embezzle your money and on top of everything waste your time.

We hired Mia to assist our team in acquiring sponsorship, funding, and financial support for an event we were hosting for our Non Profit Organization. Not only did she not even take the time to make a single verifiable call on our behalf for sponsorship she also took it upon herself in what felt like an attempt to sabotage our event by not obtaining the necessary permit we needed after offering to handle it and take this task off of our plate. Apparently her train of thought is if we are unable to have the event then we have no need for the sponsors she had not attempted to get or the money we had given her to do so.

When asked for proof of outreach to any sponsors, she was unable to provide any consultant contact logs, activity logs, or follow-up logs and also attempted to take the credit for making flyers that were made by another colleague working with our organization. She has embezzled memorabilia given to us by the Clippers organization for us to auction or raffle off and refuses to give it back even after promising to do so. Not that her word means anything at this point.

Luckily we were able to pull the event together, minus a lot of what we needed. But the children had a great time and were non the wiser that a terrible woman fought quite hard to take all of this away from them.

It’s awful that she is scamming companies this way – even more awful that she targets non profits and people who are truly trying to help make their communities a better place.

Reason of review: Dishonest Scheme and Fraud.

Preferred solution: I want to make people aware that company is not trustworthy to do business with.

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Mia Gorman is a SOCIOPATH!


Pathological Lying, Lack of Empathy, Lack of Remorse, Egomania:

My org is just one of her victim. She claimed ppl made donations. We never saw any money. After pretending to plan a fundarasier event that her celebrity "friends" were going to attend, she showed up without the sound system she committed to bringing and proceeded to polished off an entire pitcher of Sangria- by herself and was passed out DRUNK for 90% of her attendance.

This was our first face to face meeting with her since she made herself unavailable before this important event. I had to babysit her rambunctious son instead of give my presentation at the insistence of the angry restaurant patrons and staff that hosted the event because he was literally tearing up the place.

Even before that nightmare, after signing a contact with her and paying $3,500 up front, she quickly became incommunicado. She made appointments with us and her alleged contacts and alleged employees, but was a no-show at the meeting times, along with these nonexistent ppl.

We would change our schedule for her and she would be complexly unreachable for days, sometimes weeks. This happened repeatedly. She gave ridiculous excuses like she was meeting with Obama himself, since he gets professional consulting from her too.

We busted her twice sending emails from faux employees when she could not keep her lies straight and confirmed she had sent the message out herself.

The day of her drunk fundraiser, she sent us a text in our presence that showed up in our inbox from an "employee's" address. She also pretended her son's school was planning a service learning trip to our site but upon calling the school, I found out otherwise. Her son no longer even attended that school. When I confronted her with this, she tried to put me on the defensive for checking up on her.

She pretended to contact her "friends" Leonardo, Cameron Diaz, and Serena Williams to be our celebrity sponsons, suggesting we pay for these wealthy ppl to fly 1st class to visit us. Likely she was hoping we'd shell out more money that she would keep herself and make up another elaborate excuse. When we told her we were not interested in "getting" celebrities anyway, she told us we were not thinking big enough. Being impressed with famous ppl is crucial to Mia b/c she uses her selfies w/ them as credibility to show she's "in demand".

Any time we would confront her about being unreliable, incompetent and her blatant lies, she insisted that the problem was that we had not been keeping up with all the busywork she had assigned to us, though we had actually written and rewritten the same information for her several times, that she never even read! Mia was COMPLETELY IGNORANT ABOUT OUR PROJECT. She was supposedly talking to people about our work yet she knew very little about it, or us. In the end, she used an intentional or unintentional error on termination date on the contact, that we failed to noticed.

When we did notice that the duration dates said June 2015 to July 2015 instead of July 2016, we thought it must be a type-o.

But Mia actually used this to claim she only agreed to work for a month anyway and that is why she had been blowing us off soon after we paid her-- the full amount up front. She was hoping she could squeeze more money out of us for what she called "expenses" but when she saw the jig was up, she defaulted to the $3,500 for 1 month "work" argument.


Dear Rev J S,

So what do you do copy and paste the same post over and over again? What is the name of the organization?

Who is we? What children?

You appear to be a real nut job... chances are you never retained Mia Gorman or Gorman Advisory.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1179000

Lol look how Mia responds


She's done the same thing to me. I worked for her for a month doing assistant work and she STILL owes me $600.

She claims she's tried to pay me several times, but refuses to - I've yet to see payment and it was due in September!

Can you please email me at I'd love to speak with you!

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