I worked for this woman for several months. I was told I would be working for a thriving busy company with a vibrant group of coworkers. There is no "group" it's just Mia Gorman pretending to have a team. Although she has worked in some capacity for political campaigns and non-profits, she is completely disorganized and inexperienced in fundraising, organization management, image building and so forth. Her only skill is posing for pictures with famous people at events she attends by using funds from her clients that are supposed to be used for their account.

She can talk a great game, she can dazzle you with buzz words but she cannot deliver anything and I believe she is mentally ill or simply a pathological liar/*** artist. Example: she claims she received the "key to the city" of Seattle by Norm Rice. This is easily verified. Norm Rice has never heard of her and neither has anyone in the city of Seattle's administration office. Ask her for proof, she becomes hysterical and begins to cry in outrage that she isn't believed.

Whenever questions are raised regarding her skills and her true work history, she says she is being persecuted because she is black. Since the questions are invariably posed by the people of color she preys upon, that's hardly the case. This sister is all about her own self and no one else - beware.

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Whittier, California, United States #1267635

Thank you for this post! you are not alone.

She is the worst kind-of person you can run across.

No honer or humility. Everything about her is a lie. She steals and bribes under the philanthropy umbrella. When she is found out she then tries to point the finger at others for her mischief.

*** of the earth.

Whittier, California, United States #1267626

I am sorry this happened to you, but very happy people are speaking out against this known thief. Mia or "MIDRED" GORMAN will sabotage youth events not caring one bit about the children OR families she is hurting.

She is a pathological liar and a professional thief. Because she steals in the name of charity, makes her even worse than the COMMON THIEF.

She has stole money from so many people, when confronted about her repaying stolen money she could not get her lies differentiated between the organizations. She is malicious and calculated at what she does.


If only I got this warning sooner. Seems Mia was simultaneously conning several people including my organization.

We exposed so many of her made up stories yet, she continues to play her games and refuses to refund us our money. Pretending to be working and personal friends with the rich and famous; she must be mentally ill to keep this up.

Any sane person would find this fraud more demanding than actually making an honest living and being a descent person.

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